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Fix Error 1935 in Windows 7, Vista and XP Computers

Error 1935 may occur while installing Microsoft products. Lots of users have complained that error 1935 occurred on their desktop when they were installing Microsoft Office, Microsoft .NET Framework, nine useful tips to promote your app and other programs. Let us understand why the error occurs, and what are the simple & easy to perform steps to fix it your own.

Run the Setup from another Installation Media

The setup CD ROM you are currently using could be corrupted. The scratched on your CD ROM can lead error 1935 while installing the product. Cancel the setup, remove the installation disc and insert another one. This may fix your problem.

Clean Windows Registry Configurations

Windows Registry is a vital part in your operating system having a direct relation with the various problems on your computer. A registry is called broken, when there are lots of junk, unnecessary and outdated entries. For example, registry references to the files which are no longer available, references to invalid start-ups, and so on.

This overall results in the error 1935 while you are conducting an installation. To fix your problem, download a genuine registry cleaning software, install and run it, start a full registry scan, and fix the problems found.

1. Download a genuine Registry Cleaner, for example, Reginout Registry Cleaner. 2. Run the downloaded file to install the product. 3. Start a full registry scan by clicking Registry Cleaner | Start Scan. 4. After the registry scan is finished, click the button Fix Now to begin the actual cleaning process. 5. Restart your computer when it is successfully finished. (Optional)

Although manual registry modification option is available; I did not suggested it for the following reasons. The reasons why I’m not recommending you to modify the registry your own are:

Why manual registry modification is not recommended?

I do not recommend you modifying the registry your own because:

1. Registry is a highly sensitive area (scientifically called, database) in your computer system. 2. If anything goes wrong while modifying the registry your own, it could make your system instable and your system may start crashing or showing errors & BSOD 3. Not all readers are computer experts. Not all the readers have knowledge of finding errors from the registry and modifying it properly. 4. A registry cleaner is comparatively safe as it is a computerize application.

Restore the System with System Restore

For fixing error 1935, you can take help of the System Restore utility. It is a wizard-based tool that is used to restore the state of your computer to an earlier date. By using it, we will restore your computer to a previous date when it was not showing any errors nor malfunctioning.

1. Click the Start button on your Taskbar. 2. Click All Programs. 3. Expand All Programs | Accessories | System Tools. 4. Click System Restore. 5. A wizard will open. Just click Nextbutton. 6. Select a restore point and follow it your own.

Reinstall Windows Installer and Microsoft .NET Framework

Corrupted files of Windows Installer and Microsoft .NET Framework can show you error 1935 while a software is being installed. Uninstall and reinstall both these tools to repair your problem.

1. Click Start button, and then Control Panel. 2. Click Programs, and then Uninstall a Program. 3. A list of all the installed programs will appear on your screen. Select Microsoft .NET Framework from it, and click Uninstall button. 4. Confirm the action, if prompted. 5. Select Uninstall option, and click Next. 6. Wait till the process of removing the program is finished. After it is finished, reboot your machine. 7. Connect to the internet, download the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework. 8. Run the downloaded setup file to install the product. 9. Again, reboot your machine. 10. In the same manner given above, uninstall and reinstall Windows Installer.



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